Someone please help me with my camera questions!

So my first problem is that I don’t know how to make one of my characters stand in a different part of the setting. Like instead of him standing by the door like everyone else, I want him to be by the lockers. And then I also want to be able to move the camera over to him without moving any other characters over there. I also want to zoom in on his feet and move the camera all the way up to his face. Hopefully this isn’t too confusing and you understand what i mean. If anyone can help me with these that would be amazing. Thank You!

You would need to 1) spot direct your character to where you want him, and 2) code in some zooming, both of which, can be placed on your episode app, and then coded into your script

Since i recently went from an android to a iPhone i can’t get my save data on my new phone unfortunately so i can’t do anything on the app

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Oh. There is also a preview option on the portal that you could use

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