Someone please help me with these characters

every time I fix it, it seems that it doesn’t work like every time I do the preview the characters aren’t there, and then all of a sudden they appear when they do the animation

can someone help me?

Hm, maybe change the small “and” to a bigger “AND”. Hm, not sure, but try it out. Let me know if it works or not.

You have @cut to zone 2
you have to use &cut to zone 2 instead and some of your characters are in zone 1 or 3 instead of zone 2

im going to do a pan right afterward i was just placing the characters using cut and &cut didn’t do anything the problem is still there

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nothing changed

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Maybe change “@” to this “&”

Replace the “is” for “starts” on every sentence

alrightt lemme try

If you want everything to happen while it before the @cut to zone 2, you’ll want to rearrange your script.

All characters should be placed before the @cut to zone 2 and, to make everything occur simultaneously, you’ll want to begin each line (minus the cut to zone) with an & instead of @.

Hope that helps

AH it worked thank you!!

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Glad to hear that! :blush:

yes yes thank you thank you!

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