Someone please help me!😬



Someone please help me fix this FAST. I need to make sure everything is 100% before the Thriller contest ends!:heart:️ Thank you so much!:sob::heart:️


Take away the { after the stay in groups choice and make sure you’ve added another one after that choice




Can you send a screen shot of what’s below that choice


The choice isn’t complete yet but I have to close it


There’s a new error

scroll up to like 613 and send a ss please


put something in this choice i think
or add space


There is something there - the arrows are just a way of keeping the script from looking too lengthy


ik what the arrows are i’m talking about the brakets maybe put something in between them like
@pause for 3
then go back and do whatever u were going to do before that


Oh whoops sorry


it’s cool i would have done the same thing


I got it fixed everyone, thank you for the help!:heart:️:grin: