Someone please helpp! :(


Ok, so I would like to have 2 choices. If they made the correct choice (using previous gains) then they are able to comfort romeo.
So I want it to say:
If you made the right choice youll be able to comfort Romeo, if you didn’t youll have to replay the story. Sorry.
“Hug Romeo”
and for those who picked the gain (dont_switch)
would be able to hug romeo and comfort him
and if someone chose hug romeo but they chose the gain (switch_partners) they’d be redirected to the
switch_partner scene… if that makes sense… can someone help


Well what’s the issue? It only shows one choice?


Is it possible to have one choice? Cus I’ve seen in(I think the lovely one) where we were allowed to choose the gold choice (it was only one choice) and if we didn’t pick the correct gain that she used it would tell us we weren’t able to get the bonus scene… :?


It’s possible. I got what you’re trying to do. I’m just asking what the code isnt doing


I figured it out actually! :smiley:


Nice! Way to self help!


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