Someone requested from me, and I can't find the message to get the art back to them :(( HELP!

Please help, a girl requested from me. She wanted me to draw a picture for her. So if you requested this picture, then please leave a response so I know you got it, or if you know who requested it then help me.

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Hi, i can try helping.

OK, first of all, let’s break everything down.

Which thread did this customer request on?

Artistic Angel’s Art Shop OR Paige’s Art Thread?


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I’ve look through everything and I can’t find them. I’ve gone through all my replies, likes, threads from the past few days and I cannot for the life of me find the request.

Did you check your pms?

maybe they deleted the request

Hmm, if they deleted they should have let her know :sweat_smile:

yeah :woman_shrugging:

OK, don’t panic, they’re bound to notice their request is taking time and will probably send you a PM soon, hopefully :sweat_smile:

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Do u have a list of ppl who request? Perhaps tag them all and ask them? :thinking: