Someone tell me what I did wrong please :)

&TOBBY walks to spot 1.218 -151 -377 in zone 1 in 2 AND TOBBY walk_sad_loop AND SARABETH is deepbreath
I stood there watching the man I grow up with the man that was my best friend above anyone walk away.
He hurt me too much and I could never trust him again.
It broke my heart to just let him leave like this but I needed to.
It was lie after lie and I just can’t even look at him the same because of it.

So basically I want to have him walking away while the narrator is going. I have done it before but it’s not working now, maybe I did it wrong idk…But Tobby isn’t moving.

You’re missing the is before the animation.


Ha thank you so much

Thanks to @LiyahxWrites for the help! Marked as solved by thread Op @Moonrockstar :yay: