Someone tell me what's wrong with this error?

So I’m just doing a scene with quite a portion of spot directing, and an error came up and I don’t see where it is!

This is the script.


@GARETH spot 1.280 243 1 in zone 1 AND GARETH faces right AND GARETH is idle_notepad AND GARETH moves to layer 2 AND INKMALEAVATAR spot 1.280 -132 0 in zone 1 AND INKMALEAVATAR faces right AND INKMALEAVATAR is text_phone_neutral_loop AND INKMALEAVATAR moves to layer 4 AND INKFEMALEAVATAR spot 1.280 -80 -8 in zone 1 AND INKFEMALEAVATAR faces right AND INKFEMALEAVATAR is think AND INKFEMALEAVATAR moves to layer 4 AND SKY spot 1.280 157 in zone 1 AND SKY faces right AND SKY is talk_phone_surprised_loop AND SKY moves to layer 2 AND CHANTELLE spot 1.280 -130 -24 in zone 1 AND CHANTELLE faces right AND CHANTELLE is talk_read_phone_neutral_loop AND CHANTELLE moves to layer 4 AND JEREMY spot 1.280 287 -4 in zone 1 AND JEREMY faces right AND JEREMY is idle_read_book AND JEREMY moves to layer 3

Can someone help me out?

You’re missing a spotting number here :sparkles: :tulip:

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No problem :blob_turtle: :tulip:


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