Someone that wants to just help me out with Art

Any one want to make a few art pieces? I only no one right now that I want I well have a few more that I need.

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I’d love to :slight_smile:

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Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:
I’ll message you!


@AK16 is already doing it, as said above.

Please, please stop doing this! We keep asking you to not do this, but you ignore us, and continue anyway… I don’t want you wasting your time on art that is already being handled, okay? And I for sure don’t want my time being wasted doing art that won’t be used because they request from someone else.

Please understand what I am trying to say… I don’t want this to continue because it hurts other artists in the long run… thank you :slightly_frowning_face:


Okay you can p.m me about it, no drama on this thread.

And being “bored” isn’t an excuse to steal requests, okay?


P.M me…?

Stop attacking members, please.

What you just did is against forum rules…


I’m not understanding what is going on?? I made this for something different. I have one person making me a cover for this story witch she is the only person making it then I wanted someone that would want to do scenes for me with art. I’m not having more then one person do the same thing. ;(

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Im almost done with your request

think you I don’t want any one to think I was giving away what I asked someone else to do this was for something different. :slight_smile: