Someone to do art scenes needed

I am writing a story at the minute and want it to have art scenes, could someone pls do them for me?

What kind of art scenes would you like?

can i get an art scene too
i want a chachacter on specific backround im gonna send you a chachacter
and backround i want the girl to have vampire eyes and smiling wait a sec im gonna send you it

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I want the girl to have a death stare and the right side of the door the girl is there and there is a baby on the door
here is the Chachacter

She sees a shadow going into the woods thats the babys mother who abandoned her
Give also your ig so i can give credit

Okay… give me a few days

I can

thank you ChayChay
give me your ig when youre done with the scene and i will give you credit

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Okay… I’ll send I then with the completed art scene

Thank you

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i need one more
i need the earlier chachacter
im gonna send it to you
and then a baby wrapt in pink thing and the girl is feeding her
with a baby bottle
there is milk and the chachacter has a smile on her face just tell me if it is too difficult
ill just find somebody else to do it no offense

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put on the phone the baby and the other hand has the bottle where is milk

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If you send her details I can recreate her and make her hold the baby and bottle. I would have to recreate her or tell you the different poses I need.

body color: Light
eye browns : seductive Arch
Hair : high ponytail (black color)
eyes : upturned feline (Auburn)
Face : Oval
Nose : Upturned
Lips : blossom lips (bordeaux)

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