Someone to help with Spanish translations!

so in my story “Scandalous”, two of the main characters are Latina, so the story involves quite a bit of Spanish and my skills are definitely not good enough to write characters who are fluent (and we all know how unreliable Google translate is). Does anyone speak Spanish fluently/well enough that they can help me with long & somewhat complicated sentences while I write?

Thank you!!!

Uhh, I think I can, what exactly do I need to translate?

Hi, Spanish is actually my first language so I can definitely help!

can u help me with translating Spanish in my story too i will credit u in my story for helping me

Yes, of course! Just message me.

That’s awesome! I’ll send you a message!!

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I’m new in Episode and I’ve published my story “Difícil de Resistir, by Amanda Schaeffer” in Spanish because it’s my first language, so I’m more fluent than in English, but maybe one day I’ll write my story in English too, so I’ll need help too hahaha.
Maybe this story can help with some expressions and vocabulary for yours.
Have a nice day!