Someone to test my story

Thank u so much! i would love to have you read it, i’m warning the both of you, it’s really not that good, i need to fix a loooot <3

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Just sayin’ it’s probably way better then my first story :joy:

i highly doubt that, like it’s so damn short because of a error, so the whole start of the story is missing

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But I bet your chapters are longer than mine :joy:

i try to make them, but the first chapter is reaally short. I wanna read your stories. give me the titels?

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It’s okayy me too I’m still working on my story and getting used to the coding etc…

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Thank you so much !! And tell me your story titles, I would love to read them!

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oh yea, the coding is soooo confusing. I will link some good coding sites down below.

Thank you so much!! I will definitely use these links !! And there’s also on YouTube “Joseph Evans”. When you go to his playlists, there are tutorials for Limelight and they’re also really helpful !! Give it a try if you want to !

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thank u so much! i will check him out <3

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The link doesn’t work? I’ve been trying to get it to work buts it’s not?

You can search Minimayday on episode and I’m the one with ginger hair

oh that’s weird, i sent it to my sister over messenger and it worked. strange


Yeah, I click the button and it doesn’t send me anything

That’s so weird.

remember you have to use it from an phone :heart:

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Yeah I’m on iphone and it’s not working with that link too?

That’s so strange. I’ll try to figure something out

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Okay! :blob_hearts:

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