Someone want help me?

Hi! Im little bit confused.
Im new and i dont know how to do things.
I want my character is quiet while she is sleep.
.I have more quoestions so maybe someone want help me?
Please write to me and let s speak little bit :slight_smile:

also English is not my first language so sorry for grammar mistakes.I hope you understand what i want say

oo and maybe someone wanna share backrounds to me? Like 2 fancy girl bedrooms and 1 boy. Living room and kitchen

so you want your character to just sleep.

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Its ok, we have a lot of people language is not English, and it is ok.

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yeaa, im little bit dumb :sweat_smile:

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What style are you using for your story?





its ok to ask when you are feeling a bit dumb but your not. This is what the forums are for :wink:



@CHARACTER spot x y AND CHARACTER faces left AND CHARACTER is lay_asleep

I may have the spelling wrong with the animation name, but when you type it in your script, the animations will show up.

Now, ill explain this part if you don’t know about it.

@CHARACTER spot x y

*Spot x y - meaning “x” “y” will be the spot number.

Thank you but what do you mean “faces left”

Your character will be facing left or right, meaning that your character will lay the left or right way.

Oo thank you. :smiley:

But dont you have some backrounds :relaxed:

Check out Joseph Evans channel, he has good and basic tutorials on how to do these.


Thank you :slight_smile:

yes, you can add backgrounds to your story.

I mean do you have some beautiful backrounds :slight_smile:


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Do you wanna share them with me :relaxed:

I am still working on creating more soon.