Someone want help me?

You can also check out to get backgrounds from their as well, but still have to credit authors, and don’t redistribute or repost their backgrounds in forms, if they have a rule on that background.

And maybe you know how i can move backround? like backround INT. TEEN SISTER’S BEDROOM - NIGHT move to bed

The authors name will be under the background with their Instagram name so u can follow them.

You will have to use a editing app to make the bed move to where you want to be placed in the background.

no i didnt mean it like that. I mean there is 2 “piece” how can i move screen to bed

Oh, so u mean like move the camera to that zone on where the bed is.

How many zones are in the background or u can send the picture of the background, so i can tell which zone then ill give u the code.

You can also go here to get backgrounds as well.

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I think 2 zones the backround name is INT. TEEN SISTER’S BEDROOM - NIGHT

@cut to zone 2

The camera will not move to that zone but will show that zone.


u can use:

@pan to zone 2

the camera will move to that zone.

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Thank u!

Do i have to write that after the backround?



@cut to zone 2



@pan to zone 2

what do i have to write there?

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u need to place your charatcer where u want them to go.

@CHARACTER stands screen left

@CHARACTER stands screen center

@CHARACTER stands screen right

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You can use the spot helper, to also place your characters where u want them.

Go to Navigation, then look down to the right side, you should see spot helper. Click that, then look at the left side, it will show u two buttons.

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Watch Joseph Evans tutorials on youtube.

@cut to zone 3
@EMILY spot % X Y AND EMILY faces right AND EMILY is lay_asleep_loop

*replace % X Y with numerical values

Check out this on spot directing: Spot Directing (Moving Characters Around)
And this on Spot Bed Templates: 🆕 SPOT CHEAT SHEET: Episode Bed Spots Templates

OK, it’s basically covered above by someone super helpful :laughing: :heart:

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Yep, these will help her. I need to bookmark these too. lol :wink:

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