Someone want help me?

sure thing :wink:

You can also check out to get backgrounds from their as well, but still have to credit authors, and don’t redistribute or repost their backgrounds in forms, if they have a rule on that background.

And maybe you know how i can move backround? like backround INT. TEEN SISTER’S BEDROOM - NIGHT move to bed

The authors name will be under the background with their Instagram name so u can follow them.

You will have to use a editing app to make the bed move to where you want to be placed in the background.

no i didnt mean it like that. I mean there is 2 “piece” how can i move screen to bed

Oh, so u mean like move the camera to that zone on where the bed is.

How many zones are in the background or u can send the picture of the background, so i can tell which zone then ill give u the code.

You can also go here to get backgrounds as well.

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I think 2 zones the backround name is INT. TEEN SISTER’S BEDROOM - NIGHT

@cut to zone 2

The camera will not move to that zone but will show that zone.


u can use:

@pan to zone 2

the camera will move to that zone.

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Thank u!

Do i have to write that after the backround?



@cut to zone 2



@pan to zone 2

what do i have to write there?

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u need to place your charatcer where u want them to go.

@CHARACTER stands screen left

@CHARACTER stands screen center

@CHARACTER stands screen right

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You can use the spot helper, to also place your characters where u want them.

Go to Navigation, then look down to the right side, you should see spot helper. Click that, then look at the left side, it will show u two buttons.

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Watch Joseph Evans tutorials on youtube.

@cut to zone 3
@EMILY spot % X Y AND EMILY faces right AND EMILY is lay_asleep_loop

*replace % X Y with numerical values

Check out this on spot directing: Spot Directing (Moving Characters Around)
And this on Spot Bed Templates: 🆕 SPOT CHEAT SHEET: Episode Bed Spots Templates

OK, it’s basically covered above by someone super helpful :laughing: :heart:

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Yep, these will help her. I need to bookmark these too. lol :wink:

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