Someone write a story w me?


Anyone who wants to write a story with me or something? Like share ideas and stuff like that. :smiley:


If you still want to, then I would love to be your writing partner.
I am still writing a published story, but I would be open for something else.

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I would love to, i’m kinda out of ideas so i need someone to write ideas with :)))


Can I help too? I’m creative, and an ok coder, haha :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


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I would love to write a story with you at the moment I am full of ideas and just waiting for a good story to pop into my head but I would love to share ideas with another person :slight_smile:

Sure, of course! Just PM me and we’ll start discuss :blush:

Hey, if you’re still interested, I have been looking for a writing partner for a while. I have started writing out my story, but I definitely cannot do it by myself lol
just pm me if you would like :smile: xx

HI :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: omg I just saw this and i’d love to be your partner :pleading_face:
Okay also just so you now I’m fluent in English, French, Arabic, and i’m learning Italian.
I’d love to help you please don’t hesitate to Private Message me. :hearts: let me help hehe

I saw and wanted be your partner just in case you do choose me I still need to learn a lot of stuff but yeah later

im very good at writing and planning stories of all kind, let me know if you need a hand