Something doesn't work right (placing characters)

Okay so I don’t know who to get this right.
Maybe it is because of the background or because the table and the chairs aren’t overlays, but how do I get these two to sit on the chairs?

You need the table overlay
Then you can put them in the right spot on the chairs, and put the table overlay on a higher layer than theirs so that it looks like they’re sitting on the chairs

In order to get your characters to sit on the chairs you need to turn the table into an overlay. That’s the way it will work. :blush:

Okay thanks both of you :slight_smile:

Okay I had another question and I thought I could post it in my topic, because it’s about the same thing (almost)

How can I get Jayden to sit on this chair (it’s an overlay chair, but I doesn’t work :frowning: )

Which chair you were referring to? That couch behind?
If it’s that couch behind you were referring to, you need to make the table an overlay, and layer on top of your character. For example, the table to be at layer 1 while your character to be at layer 0.

the couch is one overlay and the table is the other overlay
I will give it a try

I see that you have made a table overlay, which is at layer 7. Move Jayden to layer 6.
I don’t think it’s necessary to make the couch an overlay.

Another question, isn’t it possible to have 1 overlay multiply times in your script?
Because there are more tables in the script when my characters are in the classroom.
So do I have to upload the same table 2 or more times with another name?

Nope, you don’t have to upload multiple times.
For example, you uploaded a table overlay called TABLE.
If you want to duplicate it, just use:
&overlay TABLE_1 create from TABLE
You can use any name you call it for the new table.

if you want him to sit behind the side part of the couch you must make the part which have to be infront of him also an overlay.

wery simpy - everything you want to be infront of a character must be an overlay

The table on layer 7 is from the scene before this one

Okay thank you, I will try to fix this :slight_smile:

jut cut the necessary part in some picture editing program. :wink:

Oh if you are asking whether you can have the same table in the same script for multiple times then yes. Just code it whenever it’s a new scene.

Okay thanks both of you

My last question (I feel almost bad)
But I can’t get this transparant (or whatever you call it)

try this

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thank you!

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