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Just promoting my story!

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[Jun 2020] (Just promoting my story!)

Jun 2020

[Oct 2020(Just promoting my story!)

​I started this post when I wrote my first story in 2020, now when I did it, this post got flagged 3 or 4 times and I had to keep speaking with the episode forum administrators to put it back up! So when that happened I became angry and frustrated because there are people on here that has millions of reads on their stories and receiving payment from episode, of course we don’t know who does the flagging, but it’s not cool and literally for no reason at that. So being that I’ve had firsthand account how hard it seems to be to promote a story on here because of the actions of other ignorant malicious people for whatever reason, so I decided I’d try to help other new writers like me at the time and help them also to get their stories out there. I didn’t do for reads, or for followers, I did it just to try and help. what was and still is happening on here isn’t fair. But now I see everyone is “Promote your story here too!” So, the idea and gesture I put into action at the time, now seems to me people are taking that idea and cashing in or trying to cash in on it. Not cool, not cool. I used my personal Ig and my fb to further help these new upcoming writers and people are taking that idea and using it to benefit themselves! “Promote your story here, read my story, R4R”
I didn’t do any of that, I just wanted to purely help, but then again, I’m not a follower either! Well, I just voicing my opinion about it because I felt where all in this together-I thought so why we can’t help each other? like why we can’t just all get the come up together? some just follow, a lot want to lead, all want to be in the spotlight, and none wants to work with the other. You can flag this if you choose too. but my advice is, if you’re going to capitalize on an idea, next time please be inventive enough to come up with your own!

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You likely got flagged because you created multiple topics about the exact same thing on the same day. Usually Sydney or someone else will tell you it’s because it’s a repeated or duplicate topic.

Also, I’m sorry but in no way do you own promoting stories or the action of doing so. This is a community of writers from all over the world and it very much rubs me the wrong way that you’re trying to accuse people of “stealing your idea” over something that’s been done by people in all sorts of businesses for ages now. People absolutely can promote their stories here. It’s why there’s a forum section for it.

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That was afterwards, during that time I was talking to the forum administrators to try and put the old post back up! I never said, “I owned it” It was post on here to promote story, but theirs only!!! My point of this is I did it to unselfishly help other writers, NOBODY wasn’t doing that AT THAT TIME! I promoted my first story and other people came on and asked me could they post their story there too. So, I said they could, when other people seen that, that’s when they started flagging! Of course, I don’t own “promote your story” I do believe I was the first to start helping OTHER WRITERS, that was not happening unless the writers were good friends. Personally, I don’t care how it rubs you, you missed the whole point that I was trying to make, don’t take an idea created out kindness and capitalize to suit selfish purposes, just take the blessing and pass it on-THAT’S WHAT I WAS TRYING TO SAY! Answer me this: WHAT IS WRONG WITH JUST HELPING SOMEONE OUT OF KINDNESS?

You literally linked to posts where you’re…Promoting your own story.

Also, this community is filled with kind individuals. :sweat_smile:

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And you’re right there are… But there are malicious people too where I strongly felt I had to do something not to just only help myself, but other people too. And you’re correct also this been happening all through out time, happens today, happened 300 yrs ago, happened 5000 years ago, and guess what-IT’S STILL WRONG!

People aren’t being malicious because they create “promote my story” and “r4r” threads. It’s a bit dramatic. :sob::joy:

OMG, how old are you, that’s not what I’m saying! Nvm-good bye, think what you want! you don’t get it, not my problem!

The idea is being used, but not the action itself that gave birth to the idea, it’s hopeless this place will always seem like a bunch of hungry animals fighting for scraps!

@Sydney_H please close this thread

Closed by OP request. :smiley: