Something that bothers me

I notice a lot of people say things like “this person did a complete 360 on me” or something to that effect. Meaning they did the opposite of what they usually do. Do people not realize that 360° is a full circle and 180° is half of that??? So when they say someone does a 360, this is no change in behavior. They’re right back to where they started. 180 is the proper number to use when someone flips.

I had to really get this off my chest because I see it so many times and it just irks me to no end!! :angry: :angry: :angry:


That just reminds me of the Dua Lipa song!

Did a full 180 babyyyy

But I totally get it, it used to bug me but now it’s just funny


Man it is what it is :joy: I ignore it.

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I try to… But I’ve just been seeing it more and more now and I just can’t stand it :triumph:

Hm, they got no brain but you do :clap:t4: this is a compliment :rose:.

I sounded sarcastic but I promise you I ain’t trying to be.

This is how I talk to my friends :sob::joy: sorry if you get offended.

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Lol you’re good… Thanks, it’s nice to see there are still people out here that know the difference lol

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The feeling is mutual :fist:t4:


Honestly though this bothers me so much too. People need to learn their circles :sweat_smile:


Seriously! And I know I’m no expert in math, that was my worst subject in school. But this right here? This is easy and sad lol


LMAO! Sorry this just cracked me up. That’s true, if they did a full circle nothing happend

We have brains for a reason lol


Hahaha yeah. It’s the technicalities that bother me a lot too, even if it’s kind of ignored by everyone else. That’s probably also why I hate bad grammar :joy: And does anyone else get so confused as to why the N word is so socially acceptable now? So many people say it and it’s just horrible, kinda gets me really mad.

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I’m not fond of it either, especially hearing it from other people of my ethnicity. You can flip it however you want but it’s still a derogatory word at the end of the day… :woman_shrugging:t5:

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LMAO I’ve never noticed this💀
But let’s pretend I did…


We all learn something new everyday lol

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I’ve actually wondered this a couple of times. If someone pulled a 360 on you, didn’t they technically just come back to you… :thinking:

Thank you for enlightening the peoples. :joy:

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Yup, it just defeats the point of the whole phrase… :woman_facepalming:t5: But you’re welcome! :grin: :+1:t5:


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