Something you Look for in a Great Story?

Hello there, so I would really love to know what you look for in a story. This could be a poem, paperback, or something your reading online. The basic idea of this is what h00ks you??

I am currently writing my very first Episode story. While I may like to write something one way this doesn’t mean you like it the same way I may have done it.

When you are maybe reading a story you find on Episode what is it in the first three episodes that h00ks you? Could it be certain coding, characters, words, or scene play? Please let me know.

Another thing I was wondering about is choices. Do you like having a lot of choices in an episode? Maybe for instance do you prefer choosing the outfit, hairstyle, lipstick?
Or maybe if you do not want to view a certain scene do you feel more comfortable when the author gives you an option to skip it?

I have a few more questions but these are the basic ones that I would appreciate if one of you could answer. More opinions the better! :sparkles:
Thanks a bunch! :sparkling_heart:

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  • Good directing - Your plot would have to be really good for me to go through bad directing
  • A little insight into the characters - Not their whole backstory though (I don’t know why but I do sort of lose interest if it is told straight away)
  • Scenes that immediately raise questions
  • A moderate amount is good? - Can be a point system or choices which don’t affect anything, I don’t mind :hugs:
  • I do like choosing outfits but for hair and lipstick, I normally skip it
  • Usually this doesn’t affect me but I think it’s a good idea to give an option to skip in case there are any sensitive topics being touched
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Thank you so much this really helps! :sparkles:

Np! :heart: I’m a super picky reader tho so maybe this just applies to me :sweat_smile:

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Haha, but same. A few of those things definitely applied to me. :woozy_face:

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Personally, these are the common things I normally look for in the first three chapters of a story (applies to all genres):

-Interesting/Unique/Smart plot (this is literally the biggest thing.)
-Good grammar (and punctuations!)
-DECENT directing (doesn’t have to be a pro, I just want to see correct layering, correct spot directing and less awkward pauses)
-Realistic and Interesting casts (with believable and memorable personalities, with intriguing goals)
-Great humour

No Choices? Don’t care. No CC? Don’t mind.

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Thank you for your feedback! :dizzy: :sparkling_heart:

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No problem hun! Wishing you the best of luck on your upcoming story :heartpulse:

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