Something You Probably Didn't Know


Hey Everyone! Have you ever heard of Ninjago? Well, I’d just like to share of how great of an examplle it is of don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Ninjago is a Lego tv show. Don’t leave! You’d be judging a book by it’s cover! The show is TV-Y7 but I didn’t let that stop me! I’ll tell you something:

Ninjago is one of the most underrated shows of all time, including it’s rating.

There are 8 seasons currently, all 20 minutes each. I’m a pretty old person, but whenever I see my younger brother rewatching the show, I remember all the past things. It has the best directing! Not once does the story go off topic either!

TV-Y7? Nahhhhh!

Do not go there! This show is so emotional, dramatic, and crazy! I’ll tell you about this one time in the show. The team had to leave on a mission yet, when they were gone, one of their enemies created carbon copies of them. They only difference was that they wore sunglasses so their red eyes wouldn’t show. Jay on the team, had finally got to Nya, Kai’s younger sister. She’s a samurai! The carbon copy of Jay, KISSED NYA! I was dying of laughter on the floor from that moment.

The show is amazing, and I will write a story about it maybe one day, to reach more people! Like this if you’re ever going to watch this too good to be true show! :heart:

I love you all,
Happy Foruming, and Writing! ; )



Lol I’ve sorta kind of watched the shows, (wasn’t paying much attention when they were on) I like the movies a lot better though.


Don’t get me wrong, I love the movie (Cole rocks it with the manbun)
But it trails off from the actual storyline and what true fans knew. But all’s well! :heart:


I remember watching Ninjago it was the bomb back then!


What was the original story line? I never knew about it until I watched the movie lol which I’m late when it comes to watching things. I just barely watched the twilight movies last year :persevere:


It’s so hard to explain babe… GO WATCH IT! :heart:


I remember too! NINJA-GOOOOO :joy:


Lol ok, I’ll add that on my list of things to watch


Watched both some of the show and all of the movie. Love them both. Jay is bae. :heart: And Lloyd is such a darling. :heart_eyes:


I still do. Jay and Cole are my favorites. :heart:

Omg I’m like a little kid.

I felt like the movie ruined Ninjago so much, don’t even try to fight me on this.


Jay is most definitely bae :heart_eyes:


No not Jay @Sydney_H Whyyyyy?! :sob:


Because he’s cute. :wink: I mean, I like Zane too, but he’s a robot and already has a girlfriend of sorts. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, and Jay has Nya! COLE is a hot, sexy, single Pringle! :joy:


Mmm, isn’t Kai more the hot sexy one though? Because he’s fire :fire: :wink: Cole is pretty hot, too, I must admit, but Jay is my favorite. And Lloyd. Love the new hair style. :heart_eyes:


I used to get so mad at Nya, because I liked Jay and they ended up as a couple, then I decided to go for Cole, and then she started liking Cole too :joy: I was so frustrated, I still love them both though. I ship Jay and Nya though


Okay, okay… I can’t fight with you :joy:
Kai is fire, I admit! He’s my second bae :smirk:
But Cole he’s just Cole.


Same! I’m sooo happy Jay and Nya are together!


Soo You AREN’T a bot? Lol


I love Zane, but I’m not that into robots, being a flesh-and-blood human. :smile: