Something you wish episode do

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Release all their hairstyles for community use. lol They are hoarders of all the good styles.

And if they would give more than a couple wish list items per month when there are a literal thousand posts to their ‘wishlist’ thread. It’s ridiculous to make a wider gap between updates then give two wish list items per month.

Give proper overlays for their backgrounds (i.e. blankets for beds, furniture overlays etc) to make their backgrounds usable. Should, but probably won’t- which is why I made a Free Use drive of overlays cut from their backgrounds.


i agree with this, it’s so annoying. It feels like they’re gatekeeping those hairstyles & they upload 1 hairstyle once a bazillion year.

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Exactly! And not just hairstyles, there are wish list items that are two years old that STILL haven’t been given to the Community. While I understand the need to tweak and do behind-the-scenes stuff to get everything to work properly for mass use – but at the same time, a year? two years? No.

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