Somethings up with the backgrounds

I’ve been playing episode for years and I’m still addicted, ngl :joy: So my friend and I decided to make our own story and I’m on the first episode. Now everythings going fine! No problems with my characters, CC or coding, it’s only when I go to preview a scene and the focus refuses to follow the character or even go past zone 1…
This is probably the worst explanation, but for any background that’s quite ‘long’ like INT. AIRPORT - NIGHT, it wont show me the majority of the background, no matter where I adjust the zoom or focus, this is also the same on the mobile app…
Some ideas on what I should do next would be amazing!! :joy:

You can either use

@cut to zone # (you want)


@pan to zone #

Try this :slight_smile:

On mobile you can move to different zones as well :slight_smile:

Oh my god, you’re a star!!! I was using @cut to zone __ but it wouldnt work… Just tried the @pan one instead and it worked!
Thank you so much for the fast reply as well!! :joy::joy: