Sometimes Bracket "Error " is readerM(m)essage Error!


Hope this helps! If someone made this post already then sorry!

I had an “error” message : ERROR There is { on line (whatever # line it is) that does not have a matching }
Turns out the issue was the readerMessage within my choices. I had readermesssage when it needed to be readerMessage with an uppercase ‘M’!
This isn’t always the case! It can actually be that you’re missing a bracket lol
But if you have a readerMessage within your brackets, double check and see :slight_smile:

Hope episode creates an appropriate error message for readerMessage.
I spent an hour suffering, dramatically groaning, and mumble cursing.
Don’t be like me :sob: :sob: :sob:


When you get the error message that says you have a missing bracket, it usually means that you have a missing bracket.

But if you checked and all brackets are there, then it means that you have an error somewhere inside those brackets. In some cases it’s the misspelled “readerMessage” like you said above. Other times it’s a completely different error that you have to look closely to find.