Song Lyric In Story Question

I know that there’s a five lines of lyrics per song, per chapter…, but I was wondering if the way I would do it would go against the rule.? The song is Why Won’t You Love Me by 5SOS…

What I’m wanting to do:

    Switching into airplane mode again, we're not alright, but I'll pretend..

    Press my cheek against the glass, just be good 'til I get back..

    The ground disappears, I hold back the tears..

    I check my phone to see your face staring back as if to say "don't worry, you won't be lonely."


So help and information is appreciated~! Thanks in advance!

there u go. :wink:

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So do you think what I’m wanting to do would be alright? :sweat_smile:

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u can use it, it doesnt go against the rule. :wink:

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Thank you! I haven’t published anything before, and I didn’t want to screw it up :joy:

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np n lol ikr

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