Song lyrics (this is random lol)

So I cant sing but I really like making song lyrics if somebody wants to make this a song or something idk just here

When I look in your eyes, I feel so warm inside
Please don’t hurt me, I’d rather die
I know I’m difficult at times but please for my sanity don’t leave my side
You know I’m here for the long ride…

Idk that’s what came up with do what you want with that it’s probs not even that good tbh


The lyrics sounds good, I’ve got a melody for it, but I dunno why can’t record the internal sound of my phone so I can’t give u the sound… cant attach recordings here too

the melody notes:
s, s, d r m m m m f m r r
d d s d r m f m
m m f s l s t, d d r m f m r d d r m r
t, t, d r m f m d

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maybe i can send recordings through insta? my insta is aquamizu.epi

i know my melody prob sucks :sweat_smile: but i also have interest in making songs :smile:

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Your melody is wonderful but sadly I don’t have insta sorry

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Oh that’s bad, u’ll have to imagine the song then cuz forums dont allow us to send recordings… :sweat_smile:


That’s fine it seems wonderful!

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Glad u like it! And im so happy to find someone who also likes ro make songs here :smile:


Pretty :heart::heart:




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