Song Story Title Game!

I thought of this earlier today, but I thought it might be fun! Basically, you take the last song you listened to and it’s now the title of a story. Then you come up with a description of what the story would be!

For example, here’s mine:

Song: Wake the Dead - Creature Feature

Story description: You plan the biggest party of the year. Your parents are fine with it, until you break their one rule: don’t wake the dead.


Love this idea! :heart_eyes:
I’m currently listening to music, haha.

Song: Trouble for Me - Britney Spears
Description: Darren, the bad boy troublemaker every girl is obsessed with. Now you know he’s got interest in you, you try to stay away from him. Will you stay out of his troubles or will you fall for his charms?

I tried to use the theme of the song, but it’s bad, I know :rofl:



Story Name: Wish I Were Her

Description: You have been in love with your best friend for forever. You watched him fall for somebody else. No matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to get over it. You really wish you were her, but should you?

I edited it bc it was so bad before :joy:


It’s not bad! Sounds like a featured story haha

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Song: Backyard Boy - Claire Rosinkranz

Description: Every day you see the boy next door dancing in his backyard wearing the same corduroy pants. He’s been doing this for weeks now. Two days later, you see your other neighbor dancing to the same song while wearing corduroys. A week goes by, and your whole town is dancing. This goes on until the whole country is constantly dancing. Everyone except you. Will you be able to find the source of this dancing virus and stop it before it spreads across the entire world?


LOL yeah, thought the same

I think this game will be interesting so I decide to give it a try :thinking:

Song: Play With Fire - Sam Tinnesz (feat. Yacht Money)

Story description: Abandoned by family, mistreated by everyone, even despised by the girl he secretly in love with. This life for Alan is nothing but hell until one day, a mysterious man in black suit comes to see him and wants to make a strange contract with him. Hatred, humiliation, grief took over him. Then he smiled at the mysterious man: “It’s time to play with fire”.


song My House - Flo Rida

story description Your a sheltered teen who wants to live life. You know you’ll never be free from your parents, that is until you meet Stacy, George and Gab. They are determined to help you do every crazy thing they can think of, but as you quickly check your buck-it-list what happens when your parents leave for the weekend and they throw the biggest rager of your town history… At your house!


Song: Lovely - Billie Eilish and Khalid
Description: After having trouble with your parents, you decided to leave them and live on your own. Will it be lovely to live all alone or someone is going to spice it up?


Bump :eyes:

song: somebody that i used to know - gotye ft. kimbra

description: You and your husband have been living happily for the last 7 years, however after a strange occurrence, he disappears with no one remembering his existence other than you. Will you be able to uncover the mystery of his disappearance or was he just a product of your imagination like everyone says?

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song: No body, no crime by Taylor Swift.

description: Everyone believes that you killed your father but you know who it really was so you just chose to take the blame to protect the person who did the crime.

(What happened was your father was really abusive towards you and your family and one night your father tried to kill you but your sister intervened and stopped it and she killed your father. You decide to take the blame and protect her no matter what.)

Song: I will always love you - Whitney Huston
**Description:**Whitney has a great life untill she meets a guy that she falls in love with. Well, its not like she expected it to be.

Sober by James Arthur

James is getting over a really bad breakup and resorts to extreme measures to get over it, and without realising is damaging himself and the people around them. Slowly he is trying to get onto the road to recovery.

song: where’s my love - syml

description: you’ve fallen in love. the only con is, they’re not real. they live inside the pages of your favorite book.

weeks turn into months as you obsess over the person built with words, sitting in your room all day and rereading the book, you’re only broken out of the habit when you meet someone who eerily resembles the fictional peson.