Song Writing Ideas

Hey guys,
I was wondering if I could have any song-writing ideas :microphone:
I am doing a pop song. I mainly do either :

  • Happy Songs

  • Sad Songs

  • Rarely rock

I hope for either lyrics or verses (HAS TO BE ORIGANAL) :musical_note:

If you don’t feel comfortable having everyone see it then you can pm me.

Love You guys :blob_hearts:



I don’t have any specific lyrics per say, but if it helps, I can share my tactics to getting lyrics!

Verse 1

The clocks ticking on as the time ticks away
Same old anxious person same shit different day
Caught in a phase of darkness and fear.
You think that I’m fine but you are wrong my dear


Each day I’m fighting to control my every feeling
Each night I’m praying it will go away
You see me smile, like everything’s ok
But it’s like i’m living my life in grey.


oh really? tysm, that would be awesome!!!

thanks :smiley: its great

Hey…I can help if you PM me…I also write songs, play guitar and piano

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tysm :blob_hearts:

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i cant pm u for some reason

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Sure thing hun

This is what comes up on my screen: @Alishka.Writes

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You can also text me on insta hun…my username is @aly_.epi

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k ty. my user is @sanudhi_hi

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lysm :blob_hearts:

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Aww…text me asap

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is this you?

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