Song you think would go good with story’s (any song )

So as some of you might know I’m in the middle of writing a new story here the link to that New story announcement The Venezuela’s (not out yet)
But if you don’t wanna go to the link heres the description
*** You Meave venezuela has a hidden secret and you try your best to escape it even if it means leaving the country with you family but how are you gonna keep it secret when you meet him Dexter Valentini***

But I was wandering if you had some song recommendations that would be great for me to base some ideas off of or that could go with a certain scene if you think it would go with a romantic or etc. scene plz let me know as of right now I only have one
And it’s
Bless the Broken Road
By rascal Flatts

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Gary U.S. Bonds had the honor of being a co-host for a PBS special. And the honor of introducing Gary Puckett. He said Gary was one of Rock n Roll’s greatest story tellers and most of their songs are stories. I always liked their civil war type apparel that matched the Union Gap name. Here is one of their best: Gary Puckett and The Union Gap. It’s a shame they never had a number 1 hit.

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