Songs without chorus needed!

So already thanks for clicking here!
But I NEED pop songs without chorus! So I’ve got that one teacher for music (a total a$$hole) who never can be wrong! I really hate him just like the other people from my class. He said he is a friendly teacher but all the teachers who say that aren’t (ᇂ_Jᇂ )

And this time he said ThErE aRe No SoNgS wItHoUt ChOrUs

And this one kid in my class said a song and he was right, no chorus! But the teacher’s excuse was iT’s A jAzZ sOnG tHaT hAs OtHeR RuLeS

I found two songs but he definitely will come with a comeback for these…

7 years - Lukas Graham (but they repeat the same phrase once and that probably be his comeback AnD tHaT iS tHe ChOrUs then huh)

Everybody knows - Leonard Cohen (but it is from 1988 and he would say that there back in the time other rules were)

He will probably hate me after this but right now idgaf

So please help me out!!


If you hate your music teacher then check out my thread “Teachers you don’t like or hate”.

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so pop songs with a repeated verse? Would that work?


Bohemian Rhapsody’, Queen


Wait no that’s rock srry


Eh… I don’t know… you never know with him🥲


There’s a Folk song by Squeeze called ‘Up the Junction’ there’s Queens 'Bohemian Rhapsody(really good song) ← Rock, there’s ‘Sypathy for the Devil’ by The Rolling Stones, also rock

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I strongly suggest Bohemian Rhapspdy :blush:

For any day. It’s just fun to listen to.

Ya know what? I’m just gonna stop talking right abt now-

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So I’ll tell you what happened… so I said a few songs and he just said “Oh, um yeah there’s always possible that there are a few songs without chorus but 99% does have one” but I am pretty sure there are way more songs without chorus than just 1%

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