SOO SORRY! (Read more)

Unfortunately I can’t make any more covers sorry about this REALLY late explanation.

I’m going through alot in my personal life and can’t make covers right now I am truly sorry for not delivering all the covers I got requested (please don’t hate me)


these are so beautiful :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.
Just wanted to put that out there.

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Aww thanks I’m glad you think so :heart::heart:

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i would love a cover for my revamp story. Will send details.

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That’s great could you send me a short description of your story just to get an idea

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yh will send with details

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Kk x.

Yep that would be fine!

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Please :sob::sob:

Is this still open? If so, I’ll reserve and send you the details in about an hour.

I luvvvvvvvv your art

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Of course I can, sorry I’m replying a bit late :joy:

I love your art , Do you know if you can make me a cover for my story

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Aw tysm

Yep send me your details in pm!

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My story is called Silver , These are the characters that i want to use in the cover


if there is any problem plz tell me

Just wondering if you could send me a short description just so I know what background to use and other stuff and also are any of them love interest if so would you want them portrayed in the cover? And do you want them to have the same outfits there wearing in the screenshots? If you want to private message me this you can.

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The background i want to use is kinda like a jail cell and i want the 3 guys to be behind the bars of the cell and the girl to be in the middle on the outside of the cell , i want her to look forward , and one of her hands to be like if your telling someone to be quiet and her other hand to be her holding a Sliver gun
( The girl can wear the same outfit , I want the guys to be wearing an orange jumpsuit )

Ok thank you that’s perfect I’ll send you the cover when it’s done :grin:

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Alright , thank you :heart: