Soooo another layer error?

I’ve been working on this for about 5:00pm and now it’s the next day. SOM


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Have you already made the overlay before and you are trying to make another one?

I’m slightly confused, you’ve already created the desk overlay so there’s no need to create it again. what exactly are you trying to do? :blob_hearts:

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Someone told me to put this in that’s why…


Could we see a screenshot just above the one you already sent?
Also did you want the character behind the desk? :thinking:

No I just want them to be in a different spot but everytime when I spot direct,It just goes back to how it was.

you’ve already attached the desk overlay to the background, you don’t need to create it again on line 319 since you don’t change backgrounds.

So besides the error, you’re having trouble with keeping the desk overlay in the same position?

I’m having troblee putting the characters in the postion I want it to be in.

The overlay if in the right spot.I just want to change it where the characters are

It’s probably because you’re not using spot directing for Liz

Then how do I fix it?

by using the previewer, press “spot directing” then “change char” until the character name liz pops up in the small white box underneath the volume.
after that position liz offscreen to the far left of the screen in zone 1. copy and past that position and replace this line i’ve underlined with that piece of code.

after that move liz to where you want her to walk to on the screen using the prevewer again, copy and paste that piece of code underneath the new one you just did, with her offscreen.
except with this line of code add the words “walks to” before the word spot and add how many seconds you want it to take.
example of what the code should look like.

  • replace the T with how many seconds you want it to take for liz to walk to this position.
  • replace CHARACTER with LIZ
  • replace S X Y with the coordinates you got from the reviewer when yu moved her to the position you want her to walk to.
  • replace to # with what zone she walks to, in this case, it should be 1.

@CHARACTER walks to spot S X Y in zone # in T

This line:
just replace it with:
@CHARACTER faces right

except change CHARACTER to LIZ

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you’re so kind and helpful to the ones who need it :pleading_face:

Also I recommend educating yourself on Spot Directing @Davideogurl as well with layering overlays.

I’ll send two links.

They explain everything!

Good luck!

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You’re too nice to me :sleepy: :pleading_face:

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I’ve seen you around helping beginners. To me that is amazing :pleading_face::nail_care:t4:.

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Oh thanks

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Omg thank you so muchhhhhhhhh :partying_face: :partying_face:

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