Soooo I'm to blame for 2020

Two years ago I wrote a story about these teenage warriors who have to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. I then had it written out and later typed out on episode interactive last year. In the intro, you see black lives matter activists in the street in my story…world war 3 in a middle eastern country, deaths, and alien invasion. Crazy… just crazy and it gets crazier, it’s based in 2020


my face reading this :eye::lips::eye:



:joy:Just kidding. But wow, that’s kind of crazy.


Gal wow, just…wow

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Gal wow, just…wow.

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damn sis :flushed:

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God? Is that you? :eye: :lips: :eye:

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your canceled :angry:


lol no just D-rex

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Wow, that’s crazy… :flushed:

I was going to screenshot the date and it accidentally saved it. :frowning: so it just shows today’s date but theses are the images I designed a year ago. Annotation 2020-07-15 165956 Annotation 2020-07-15 170109 Annotation 2020-07-15 171247 Annotation 2020-07-15 171417

Wow, is the story published because, I would love to read it.

i ofciually hate u :pensive:


Can you predict what will be happening in 2021 now!? :weary:

Thank you it’s not out but it’s a really good story I think my audience will enjoy it

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Well, they def are, btw if you ever need a friend or just someone to chat with , I’m only one pm away, ok ?

lol of course thanks

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:new_moon_with_face: Ok so assuming everything you write happens…

Although, similar things have happened in the previous years. Does anyone ever feel like we’re stuck in a loop? A more instant version of “If we don’t learn from history, we’re doomed to repeat it.”