Sooooo..... I need help!

Every time I try to sign in to the app to create a profile it doesn’t create it like it signs me in but I don’t have a profile… I made one before but when I went back into the app it deleted so idk what to do, can someone help?

Don’t create account in the app, but on Episode’s Website.

Have you finished reading the introductory stories?


Also it is taking forever to load if I try to make a profile

Hi Megan!

If you get a minute, be sure to submit a help ticket here. Our team should be able to fix your problem! :smile:

Thanks for reminding me about that!:heart:

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Happened to me too…

How did you fix it?

I still haven’t. Sorry.

I submitted a ticket but I still haven’t got any response.

Don’t be sorry! We can work through this together!

Which device are you using Episode on? I mean is it Android or IOS


I’m using an Android so… I guess… Have you tried installing the app again?


Have you unlocked all the stories?


I think we should submit a ticket and wait. Have you done it?

I’m going to try using another device and then transfer it to this one.