Soooooooo Limelight is interesting?

So even though i don’t like LL im trying to convert my ink story to it and the women characters are tall the men are short… and they walk slower? is this normal?


Yeah, lol by default the women are taller than the men, you’ll have to use spot directing, also not sure about the walking


The female characters are not technically taller than the males. They just so happen to stand differently, and if you look at how a female character stands, she stands on her toes, yet a male character basically stands like any person in real life. To me, the way female characters stand is ridiculous. They should the stand the same way as the male characters.


I feel like it’s moving slower than the ink version. idk maybe it’s because i’m not used to it yet.

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I’m like why are u standing on your toes like a ballerina 24/7 and the men are normal :joy::joy::joy:

It could be, and I just never noticed since I don’t use ink lol

If you think the walking is slower in limelight oof you should compare the punching animations lmao.

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