Sophbee's Art Request Thread | V2.0 | CLOSED TEMPORARILY



<3 Thank you


I love this so so so much. Thank you sooo mucb​:heart::heart::heart::heart:



@Jadlyss ~ here’s your splash! i think this is the best splash ive ever made so far, hope you’ll like it! also, im sorry that i couldn’t do the pose that you want so i did a pose that’s quite similar to it. remember to credit me if you use it. let me know if you want anything changed.

splash, click me!

@abygail.bauman ~ hey gurl, here’s the covers that you requested! i tried my best, hope it’s good enough. feel free to ask me for any changes. don’t forget to credit me if you’re using it!

small & large cover, click me!

sorry for the wait. have a nice day :yellow_heart:




Credit your instagram?


no problem, gurl! happy to help. you could credit me @Sophbee on forums/episode. feel free to come back soon :yellow_heart:


I LOVE the covers(tysm love!!) but is there any way you could make the girl and boy a little more HD?


anytime! ill try. would you mind waiting if i do so? since tomorrow school’s starting again (i hate monday).


Take your time xx


Oh my god I love them! THANK YOU SO MUCH



@Mummyof2 here you go! sorry for the wait. i hope you’ll like it! if there’s any changes you’d like to make, let me know and ill see if i can do it. be sure to credit me if when using it. enjoy!

intro & outro, click me!

have a nice day! :yellow_heart:

special thanks to @leslie.creates for helping me with the characters’ screenshots. love ya!

Intro needed for upcoming story

thank you so much! I love them!!


Hey so no clue if its possible but if ur willing to make me a cover that would be great just let me know if you can I have time! thx… XoXoXo


hello! first things first, welcome to the forums :raising_hand_woman:

this is hard to say, but as mentioned, im currently closed for any request. been hella busy lately and got very important exams coming soon. i will pm you the list of amazing artists that are willing to help you with your request. im so sorry again and i wish you good luck for your story :yellow_heart:


Bye the way i totally understand :blush:



@episodeshae ~ here you go! hope you’ll like it. i changed a few things about it, hope you don’t mind. if you’d to change anything, let me know. make sure to credit @Sophbee on episode/forums when using it!

splash, click me!

have a nice day :yellow_heart:


tysm !!



@noelle09 ~ here’s your covers! sorry for the wait and feel free to ask for changes if there is any. hope you’ll like it. remember to credit me when using them.

small & large covers, click me!

thank you and have a nice day! :yellow_heart:


:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: thank you so much!


hey when will you be open again