Sophbee's Outline Contest ! #2 (Birthday Edition 💛) [CLOSED]

Hey y’all ! This is Sophbee here, and I’m so excited to announce my second outline contest. It’s my birthday today (March 31st) so I figured out this might be the right time for me to hold another contest. However, you are not obligated to make your entry birthday party themed or something like that. Enjoy yourself and be creative!

But first, we have some important rules to keep in mind :

  1. No drama ! Well if it’s isn’t obvious enough. I wouldn’t wanna explain myself but please stay on topic and keep this thread civil love!

  2. Changes on Outline You are allowed to interpret a few little things on my outline but please make it recognisable. If you wanna post it on Instagram, make sure to credit me or I’ll find you :smiling_imp:

  3. Be creative ! Don’t steal ideas or copy the exact same things from other people you’ll be eliminated automatically

  4. Watermark Please don’t remove my watermark. If your accidentally overlapped it , please add another one somewhere else.

That’s all ! The deadline ? You would have until May 15th . If you need more time, feel free to let me know :wink:

There will be 3 winners. Here are the prizes you would be looking forward to :

Any art of your choice (Story cover/Art scene/Edit) with maximum of 3 characters , I’ll promote your story (optional) and spam of likes

You can check my profile history to see what I’m capable of doing and how my art looks like. Those who didn’t win will be the model for my upcoming edits!

Here’s the outline!

Outline by Sophbee

A few talented people that I think might join? I deeply apologize if I’m bothering you. You are more than welcomed to join even if you aren’t tagged. Please tag more people!

Tags that weren't stolen from Turtle lmao

@Turtle_Cat @MagixQueenie @Aims.Episode @Cassandra_Dean @Killerfrost @Puma @Neptune @Jayl @Dayaepy @appleqrl @AMagic @keiji @Lovelyy_Iqraa @Toxic.Dreams @phlegmatic @PropertyofNae @SakuraCheam @moonlight_fanatic @jassie12dw @Malukah @jessy.writes @epsd.ama @Itz_Emily @Eva_Diva1 @ChayChay @Mouse.Episode

@/PerplexedJam Not sure if you’re reading this but I didn’t tag you cuz I understand that you don’t wanna be bothered and don’t really enter contests on forums but I would be thrilled if you could consider entering. It’s perfectly fine tho if you don’t but AHH I just love your artwork.

edit : I just thought about it and you could also recreate the outline using your own style!

Good luck! I look forward to seeing all the beautiful entries :heartpulse: Thank you!

Soph :yellow_heart:


Happy birthday!!!

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Happy Birthday, I must join


i feel honored because i was tagged :sleepy:

happy birthday, queen! i’ll try to join :heart:

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Happy birthday, girl :birthday::birthday:

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Happy birthday! I’m so joining :heart:

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Omg, yesssssssss! This is gonna be amazinggggggg.:laughing::laughing::laughing:

Happy birthday gurl, totally entering!!


@Jayl @keiji @Turtle_Cat @Neptune @AMagic @xetic @jassie12dw,

thank you for all the wishes ! :heartpulse: can’t wait to see all your beautiful entries :smile:


Omggg my brother’s birthday is March 31st too :joy::joy::joy:

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Happy Birthday! :partying_face:
Love the outline! :heart_eyes: Might enter if I have time.

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But I’m entering sksksks!!


Happy birthday, and I’d love to enter!

*Sorry, didn’t mean to reply to you :sweat_smile:


Happy birthday and I’m joining! :revolving_hearts:

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What if I have it al colored already?? :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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Happy birthday! This outline is bootuful and I am honored for being tagged


Sksksks my entry


(1). HAPPY BIRTHDAY (2). I’ma enter but I don’t have talent :sleepy::joy: (3). THE deadline is the day before my birthday :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::joy::scream:


Omg that’s so goood!! :sob::sob:

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happy birthday girl! i’ll definitely be joining :tada::cupcake::heart_eyes:


@Aims.Episode @Dayaepy @Infinitee @episode.hailey @jessy.writes

thankieee , eager to see all your bootiful entries ! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@phlegmatic ~ first of all, that looks sooo cute! thanks girl for entering and secondly , tell your brother i say happy birthday! :heartbeat:

@jassie12dw ~ okay how but the shading is :ok_hand: love it girl thanks for entering! :heavy_heart_exclamation:

@CalyPhina ~ thanks boo ! naw don’t say that I’m sure you’ll do great. the deadline is quite an emotional day for me that’s why but yea, I’ll be sure to keep in mind when your birthday comes around! :wink:

please tag more people guys :sunflower: