Sophia's Character Edit Shop (CLOSED TO CATCH UP) (Free)

Hello Episode users!
Welcome to my editing shop!

Here you can find free character edits! :wink:

Here’s what you have to do:

(Please don’t request any edit if your not going to use it. Don’t waste my time, please.)

Here’s how your request is supposed to look like:

  1. How many character(s) you want. :heart:

  2. They’re features (skin tone, hair, eyes, nose, ext.) :heart_eyes:

  3. What kind of background you want. :blush:

  4. The poses you want the character(s) to be doing. :joy:

Your request will be done in about 1 week.
I’m sorry that you have to wait long, but I do have school and work. :disappointed_relieved:

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Thank you! :heart::blush::heart_eyes::kissing_heart:




Hi, I’m writing a story and I need help with a episode character edit!

I would like one character on the cover please!

Gender: Female

Eyes: Upturned Feline Color: Purple

Skin Tone: Fair

Nose: Upturned

Hair: Color: Strawberry Blond Hair Style: Beach Wave Hair

Mouth: Full Round Color: Blush

Face Shape: Oval

Eyebrows: Mature Round

Pose: I would like her to be angry and holding a gun.

Title: We’re Divided.

Background: You can choose :wink:

Ok. :kissing_heart::heart_eyes::blush:

Hey, do u have any examples of your work?

Yes, I do.

Here are some:

Hope you like them! :smile:

Awe, they’re so good! I rlly rlly like the last one, did u draw it?

Yeah, It took me a while! :joy: I’m really glad you like it! :heartbeat:

you are really good, you should enter my contest

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