Sophieanns art shop!💖 (CLOSED)

Welcome to sophieanns art shop!
I do:

No bullying:
No stealing art work! It Is very disrespectful:
Dont make a scene when you dont like ur artwork:


Im not a professional artist :grimacing: so please dont come for me If ur work doesnt turn out exactly as perfect you wanted it, i do this out of kindness and its fun!:sparkles::dizzy::butterfly:

If you are interested in me doing your art work all you have to do Is put in a request down below telling me what you want or message me because the thread can get confusing and messy!:sparkling_heart:

To prove you have read everything and understand it all, put this password and the bottom of your request > fruitloops


Do you do also LL?

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Well ive never tried, im used to doing ink