💫 Sorceress' Heart | Fantasy Story

This is not a R4R thread.

I’ll be using this thread to provide updates and promote on the forums!

Story: Sorceress’ Heart.
Episodes: 21 (More Coming Soon).
Genre: Fantasy (Romance/Comedy).
Story Description: After the fall of Valeryania, Aurora, the last of her kind was found abandoned as an orphan in the land of Mara. Will Aurora be able to discover who she really is?

[Sorceress’ Heart Trailer] < < HIGHLY RECOMMEND WATCHING!!

Some things you should know if my story fits your criteria:

  • No CC (I have my reasons why).
  • Art Scenes (I draw my own art scenes).
  • Advanced Directing / Animated Overlays - (I create my own backgrounds/overlays).
  • One Main Love Interest.
  • Character Development.
  • A slow burn romance = love-hate = enemies>friends>romance
  • If you like stories with badass, strong female leads, then this is the story for you! I am really sick of the damsel-in-distress MC stereotypes on Episode.
  • Mini-games.
  • Magical School.
  • While romance and comedy is the sub-genre of this story, I focus more on the story telliing aspect of the fantasy genre, because this story’s main genre after all… is fantasy!
  • Fast chapter updates!

I really have so much fun writing this story.

I hope you guys can check Sorceress’ Heart out!


Episode 20 will be published this week! Waiting for approvals. :slight_smile:

EPISODE 20 is published!!

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EPISODE 21 is published

Why i cant open episode 21 its asking for gems :frowning:

It’s a new thing Episode released today. I didn’t know it was available and my eyes didn’t see the toggle option to turn it off on the window when I was publishing the chapter this afternoon.

I can’t take it off for chapter 21 because I already published it.

Now I know for next time where the option is so I can turn it off when I publish future chapters.

I don’t want that early access option. And believe me, I’m annoyed lol.

It’s stuck on this 'till this date unless I publish a new chapter which i havent written yet. :frowning: I’m Sorry you have to wait. T_T

Early access has been removed from ep 21