Sorry for being busy... Here are my reasons why

People have requested a lot of stuff this week, and they have been waiting for a long time, but I’m just here to say my reasons…

  1. I had a birthday party, and it was then my aunts, then grandmas. We were all tired this week, so yeah.

  2. This Tueday, I hmtried out for swim meet. My mom put so much weight on my shoulders to make it. Swim meet is to try out for you to race against others, and a tag team match. I tried out and I was really nervous about my time and it was 49.63. I was really scared. But now that I know I made it, all the weight is gone, but not only that…

  3. I have spent so much time with my cat bc, he is getting nuedederd. It’s a part for a cat to taken out of, and if he ate to much food, there’s a risk that he can choke on the operating table, and die. So I make sure to spend my moments with him, (keep updated).

  4. I’ve been caugh up with school, boyfriend, and family. I love them all, so I ant to spend as much as I can.

Last but not least, 5. I have this Awards dinner, and you go out with your friends, party, wat, and get awards from school. Ive been working hard on my grades to be able to compete in the swim meet and this occasion. Bc you need to be eligible and get hon or roll to go. And I love my friend’s so much, I wouldn’t want to leave them out.

These are my reasons. I have just been so tired, and hopefull you can understand, that I’m tired, and scared, and nervous, for everything. Please pray for my cat Olliebear. :pensive::pray:


I have been just as busy with my studying for test finals and I have our covers to make which put a lot of worry o n my shoulders, it’s alright, we all have those days!

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It’s good! We all understand as most of us are fellow writers

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