Sorting outfits by 'Newest First' should be working properly

This bug has been around for years and still no fix… :neutral_face:
‘Newest First’ should display the recent outfits from art updates, not random outfits released ages ago. The only way to fix it is by sorting by ‘Most recently updated’ but it’s pointless because refreshing or going to another outfit will automatically reset it back to ‘Newest First’

What it should display:

What actually shows up:

This bug is also for generic male, it displays random outfits mostly for crossdressers and trans characters.


Support! I always wonder about this when I go into the portal as well, like “newest release” isn’t actually the newest.



Use Most Recently Update instead


support u didnt reply to me on a thread :sweat_smile:

OMG yes! I remember the filters working properly a couple years back, but they updated or changed it :neutral_face: really frustrating

Ikr, everytime I go to the writer’s portal I have to change the filter.
And it really makes me wonder where they are getting that ‘newest first’ stuff from, when there’s been like, 3 full updates since then :roll_eyes:


I never understood why this happens, so I hope this bug does get fixed. I agree.

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What thread? I don’t really check the forums a lot…

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I think I deleted the reply but it was on the ‘Need guy friends’ thread, i asked if u r a guy

i am, but not sure why that matters when looking for friends :thinking:

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If you saw the thread you would know that i was looking for ‘guy’ friends bcz i dont have many

Most Recently Updated is what you want, not newest first


How are the random outfits new though?


I believe “Newest First” is meant to show you the newer assets Episode has created, not the ones they’ve just released to everyone.

A lot of the assets being released were made a long time ago, hence the reason why they’re not at the top of “Newest First”. That’s why the MtF clothes are at the top of the male section, because they are the newest assets made.

As for “Most Recently Updated,” that’s why it shows all the new stuff, because it was updated to be released for us (if that makes any sense).

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Ohh that makes a lot of sense

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I’m glad it makes sense, I thought I was speaking nonsense. :sweat_smile:

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Support! Also; I never even knew that a most recently updated existed!

Finally! I thought I was the only one with this issue.

Supoort because it drives me crazy everytime :sweat_smile::fist:t2: