Sos help with animation

Does anyone know what is that animation?


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I dont find them in the animation catalog

Try searching “whatever”

They exist:

They were released as part of this update (fairly new).

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But they still need to released…
When I could see them?
The portal show me them but when I wanted my charather will be with this it was an error of “not exitet”

They exist already, they have been released last week

they where released last week

Ahha okay and in the post I can see more animations?

Well last week they released only these animations, the other things were clothes for the new body type

you can see all animations in the art catalogue and you can filter them by name atc…

In my catalog not yet

that is weird - the portal should look the same for all.

Maybe I’ll see next week

I think they’ve suggested reloading the page and clearing cookies if the new updates aren’t loading to make sure you’re looking at the new version of the site.

Now I see that :slight_smile:

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