Sos! need writer help my story is ink 😨

Hello I’m a new writer on episode I’m currently writing Burning Flames. I can’t do certain things no matter how many youtube videos or scripts I read I can’t create choices or mini games like letting the readers choice choices that changes the story. Could you possibly send me a link of helpful easy to learn choice templates where I can change the name and add in my own characters and dialog? I also need help making golden choices and finding out how I can make the characters stay on the page without appearing one at a time and how I can make more then one character use a behavior at the same time like for example… Lola (think) while John (talk_excited) instead of making one react at a time. And I need help with having a character do a behavior without having to add dialog. Lastly I need a template on car driving… Thanks look forward from hearing from you soon.

PS my story is INK

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Here you can find some templates for car drive, and other templates: I see a lot of people recommed the channel of Joseph Evans, i learn the basic os script there. Basic choices, advaced choices.

Both links it’s his. Take a look, will help you. :grin:

Those may seem complicating but they’re quite easy!

PM me and let’s discuss this love, I’ll help as much as I can!

  1. To make a Golden Choice you code it like so:

      <PREMIUM> "Insert Text Here"{
  2. If you’re wanting to know how to make a gem choice do this:

     choice (choice_name) 

    “Insert Choice”{

    "Insert other choice"{
  3. To make the characters stay all at once instead of popping up one at a time do this:

@CHARACTER stands screen center AND CHARACTER faces right

@CHARACTER2 stands screen right AND CHARACTER2 faces left

@CHARACTER is talk_excited

@CHARACTER2 is idle_awkward

(The problem your having is you are coding it like this instead of the above:)

@CHARACTER stands screen center AND CHARACTER faces right AND CHARACTER is animation

I was in the same situation once but this helped me out.

  1. To make characters make expressions at the same time code it like this:

@CHARACTER is animation AND CHARACTER2 is animation

  1. To have a character do a behaviour without dialoge is simple.,

@CHARACTER is animation

  1. I will hand you a template you can copy and paste into your script:

Script Template:


@transition fade in black 2

@cut to zone 2

sound ambient_traffic

@CHARACTER spot 1.280 167 -116 in zone 2 AND CHARACTER faces right


CHARACTER (talk_sit)
Insert Text Here

(I hope this helped)