Soul Slave (Sci-Fi/Fantasy)

Title: Soul Slave
Genre: Sci-Fiction / Fantasy
Description: Lilly, an edgy teen and alien enthusiast, scores sold out tickets to the Annual Alien Expo. While there, things get a little weird, even by her standards! (LL/SL/NH)

Why might you enjoy this story?

Heavy Narration:
Soul Slave is a story intended for those who enjoy a more narration heavy experience, similar to reading an actual book. With most Episodes, directing and effects take center stage, with this story, the narration finally gets the “spotlight.” Heavy Narration Stories allow you, the reader, to use your own imagination to help the story take on it’s own life, making you feel much more a part of the story.

Conspiracy Nerds!
Soul Slave is a story that combines many popular theoretical ideas surrounding “conspiracies” and ties them together in a clean-cut and unique way, creating a unique, outrageous, but still relative and understandable way. This unique take on the combination of culture, fantasy, and conspiracy creates an amazing and “far-out” reader experience.

I take a HUGE amount of personal pride in keeping my content 100% “clean” while still striving to keep the content fun, exciting, and captivating! I am a lead-by-example kinda person. I would love to see more stories like this in the app, so what better way than to create them yourself and prove to people by example that you CAN create amazing stories while keeping your story PG? You will NOT get bored reading this!

Genre Combo!
Although this is a science-fiction/fantasy story, there is plenty of adventure, romance, thrilling, mysterious, and fantastical aspects to this story! Just about ANYONE will find this story to suit their genre preferences!

Are you ready to give this story a try??


Chapter 5 just released!

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I read the first episode of your story!
I hope I will continue it soon so I can tell you what I think about it :cherry_blossom:
Can you read mine?
Title : Arty’s life
By :flare
And when you do
Please tell me what do you think about the story

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Chapter five updated to meet updated guidelines regarding “religion” (they technically already did meet the guidelines, but I prefer to stay WELL inside the lines… :laughing:) Better safe than sorry, right? :woman_shrugging:

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