Soulbound: The beginning (CLOSED)


PLOT: In the small town of Whisper Willows, nothing out of the ordinary ever seems to happen. You wake up, you go to work; You come home, you sleep; and so forth. All that changes when people in the town become linked to their ‘soulmates’ Marriages seem to disappear, though others try to keep the act up. Relationships are just a joke when you’re dealing with fate. Will you try and keep your relationship, or will it go down in flames?

Before you start

  1. Being ‘soulbound’ to someone, means the two people soul’s become one. Which basically means, they feel a magnetic attraction, a constant need to be around them.
  2. Being ‘soulbound’ also means the person is affected by the other. If your soulmate feels sad, you will become sad, if they are sick, you are sick. If they cut their finger, the wound will appear on your body.
  3. Even if you have a soulmate, it is completely up to your character if they want to be with the other person.
  4. You can not have more than one soulmate.
  5. Your soulmate can be a guy, or a girl; but the person you’re roleplaying with has to agree if they want to be your soulmate.
  6. If your soulmate dies, so do you.
  7. You must touch your soulmate to become ‘linked’

General rules

  1. Intimate scenes are aloud, but please skip past them.
  2. Cursing is permitted but either blur your cuss words, or put a little * over them.
  3. No real drama outside the roleplay.
  4. Make sure that you put your characters name is bold fount at the top of your sentence, and use ORP or OOC when talking about things outside of the roleplay.
  5. I don’t care how many character’s you make, it just doesn’t bother me.
  6. Don’t disrespect or be rude to your fellow roleplayer’s
  7. No racist, homophobic, unsensitive comments. I don’t care if it’s ‘just a roleplay’
  8. I will try to do my best with being active, and present.
    Thank you guys so much!
    I will add on to this later.





Can I reserve a Male and female




I signed up i don’t think I answered religion though


Reserve male and female ^*^ just playing one char gets boring


Can I reserve for one male and one female?


Reserve for a male and female


Just filled out the form! :heart:




@CrazygirldY_dY_dY @_Nasia @legacy I messed up, and forgot to ask the age for your characters. (It’s fixed now) Can I get them?


So redo the form?


Reseve Female


No, just let me know what your character’s age is.


What age range are they near like 19? 16?


Any age is fine. :relaxed:


Hm then 19 for me :slight_smile:




Lyla: 18
Evan: 20