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Hello Episodians (not sure if that is the right spelling)
I’ve decided to place my updates for my story on here
So if you are reading my story SOULMATES
this is the place to read everything about the updates and for a basic Q&A

If you would like to read my story here is the link

Below is the information

Sorry i had forgotten to write that i would read your story as well and that i’m willing
Feel free to read my story
Title: Soulmate
Author: Jayd3
Author Biography
Hi! I’m JAYD3 (it’s pronounced Jade)
Check out my story SOULMATE
An Author that write shorts stories and publishes it
It is up to the readers (U) to decide if the story should continue

Genre: romance
Story Description
Everyone has their special ways of finding their soulmate, but if your soulmate dies. Then your world will turn black and white. You were born into a B/W world…


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