Sound Adding Problems

Having Trouble With Adding Sound :disappointed_relieved:

Hello! Thanks for reading over this message. I’m new to sound adding etc, so I have not a clue what I’m doing. Could someone help me with my problem?

I want to have a heartbeat sound over top of a fade in out scene. My volume is fully up but I cant hear the sound? Not sure why, I thought I did everything correct?!

  • Also is it possible to have to sounds overlapping each other? I was hoping to have background music and an echo but that didn’t work or have any sound as well.

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You can have music and sound at the same time, but music loops and sounds only play through once unless you have an adequate pause before the next sound, so if you want the heartbeat to keep “pumping” you can have it as:

music heartbeat


sound heartbeat
@pause for 1.5
sound heartbeat
@pause for 1.5
sound heartbeat

1.5 is just an example, so you could adjust that if need be unless you choose the first method.

You can also adjust the volume of sounds and music:

sound 0 0000
music 0 0000

In those examples I have them set to 0 sound in 0000 seconds. If you wanted a sound to play loudly but the background music to be soft you could have something like:

sound 100 0000
music 20 0000

Then sound would be at 100 volume and music would be at 0. You can adjust the seconds for volume fading.


Thanks for your response! I’ll try it out right now! Do you possibly know why no sound is playing for my example?

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