Sound and music issue. Does this happen to you?

Hey y’all
So, I’ve been having this issue lately. I left writing on episode for a few months and came back to finish what I started but realized a weird issue with the sounds.

Let’s say I add a sound on a line then a character command then another sound, the 2nd one doesn’t play. Subsequently the following ones don’t either, except for a very few which don’t seem to be affected by this.

My stories contain A LOT of sound and music as I like to use them dynamically to simulate foreground and background activity.

I usually need to add the sound off command a line before the sound in order to hear it in app or portal.

Does this happen to anyone’s else or is it just me?

Also fyi using some music in the sound format is affected too. However it works fine with the music command.


Well, you’re not the only one who faces this issue. Many times I have faced this and it says something like you can’t have another music play when the first one is already playing even after adding music off or sound off. There are two ways, first, add some more script OR add @pause for 0.001 before music/sound off. I’ve always found the second option quite helpful!

Yes I’ve been forced to use that very method but its very tedious when you’re tying to hustle trough a chapter. Just wanted to know if it was a global or domestic issue.

Because you know…I’m using an Android. And we know where Episode stand when it comes to Android users…:grimacing:

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We’re in the same boat, I always code in my Android. It’s difficult as hell!

You can actually type @pause for 0 and it still works.

Also, try adding a space between the command and the second sound.

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