Sound does not work in app

Any author around here having trouble with some sounds in the app?

In the web previewer I can listen to all of them but in the Episode app sometimes I can hear some and others just don’t.

I already tried: volume sound 100 1/ sound off


Yeah that happens to me too. Also when I read a story the sound will often disappear once I get to the next episode so I always have to restart the app.
I just remembered that it also happened when I let my sister proofread my story on her phone, some sounds where there and some weren’t.


Same, it’s happening to me too :slightly_frowning_face:


I also made a post about this in the past. I’m struggling with it and it sucks.


That happens to me too, also quite frequently and what I do is that I just link my mobile data with my laptop and then they work. I have no idea why but it doesn’t seem to always work when I’m on wi-fi connection. Maybe you should try this, who knows, it will probably work :wink:


Same here. I tried the volume music/sound 100 0 and sound off commands too, but nothing. Now I see others are having the same problem. It also sucks when you’re reading a story that says it uses sound, but there is no sound. Then you have to restart the whole app… :confused:


Happens to me too for about 3 months now :exploding_head:

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