SOUND: Epic Music for Drama/Fantasy/Action/Adventure Stories

Ok I live for Drama/Fantasy/Action/Adventure Stories. And I think that Epic
(Inspirational/Motivational/Battle/Emotional) music can make a huge impact and bring these stories to life!

Episode only has like maybe 1 or 2 Epic style sounds. And they sound like “music_emotionalstringpop” and “music_melancholy” and maybe “music_dramaticballad” but that’s about it. These are great but its mostly a sad/ melancholy vibe,

I got a lot of feedback about how the music itself along with the story made them cry or feel what the MC feels or literally bring the story to life, make it seem “real”. Specifically “music_emotionalstringpop” played right can make many people cry for some reason lol.

So how cool would it be for more motivational/ inspirational versions/ vibes?

Epic Motivational Music Playlist (Epic Battle Music may fall here and is awesome too)

Epic Inspirational Music Playlist

Epic Emotional Music Playlist

Just a thought! It can have a great impact on the story, bring it to another level!

But seriously… more epic style music would make stories more… epic. ALMOST MOVIE-LIKE! Episode is similar to movies in a way so lets add some epic movie style music shall we?

Sorry for the overkill just give us geeks some epic music pretty please! lol




Support!!! :+1:t2:


SUPPORT 100%!! I’ve been told by a few readers one of my stories made them cry, but I truly believe without the music the effect wouldn’t have come across. This would be a great addition to the portal!!


omg yes!


:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: Support 1000%. Yes, you heard me. A thousand percent. I’m way too excited. :joy:

I listen to Epic music on a daily basis. So yes, support support support. :joy:

You said it best. It does bring a story to another level and the energy that it brings is just powerful.

It’s great for a lot of scenes. Even if one is not writing, listening to epic music on loop definitely spurs one to start writing something! :joy::rofl:


Yes Epic music is my secret motivator! You would be surprised at how many story ideas and story scenes an epic score would give me! Each epic song is like a story!! Like… a certain song would influence a character or change the planned ending that I had.

The music is like magic. So inspirational lol people are missing out.


Support! Music is an important part of what makes an Episode story more impactful and meaningful.


Support! ALL THE WAY :smile:


Support 100% :100: all the way! :wink:

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support :slight_smile:

Support! Love the idea!

Support! I hope they have more epic music in future. These would be great examples as well