Sound error, sound not playing mid-scene help

So my scene takes place in school and I have the teacher (Ruri) talking while explaining to the class about having assigned partners to where I want to play the sound audience-boo, but I keep getting an error saying ERROR : Expected dialog found “soundaudience-boo” instead. Did you forget to capitalize the first word in the sentence?"

Can someone help me or tell me where in my script I went wrong please?

Here’s how my script looks like:


@overlay PODIUM moves to layer 1
@cut to zone 1
@RURI changes into Ruri_School
&RURI faces left and RURI moves to layer 0 and RURI spot 1.354 166 26 in zone 1

@speechbubble is 119 268 to 107% with tail_top_right
RURI (talk_angry)
Aideen and Elara stop fighting!

@speechbubble is 119 263 to 107% with tail_top_right
RURI (talk_armscrossed_angry_loop)
It’s all you guys do in my class.
I’m trying to teach you guys what you need to know to do your research paper!
Remember it’s worth 70% of your class grade!

sound audience-boo
@pause for a beat

    RURI (talk_apathetic)
    You'll be working in pairs that I assign. 

sound off
@add Sheet Paper White to RURI

    RURI (talk_read_paper_neutral)
    Taylor will be with Elara.

    RURI (talk_read_paper_neutral)
    May with Alejandro.

    RURI (talk_read_paper_neutral)
    Riley and Bjorn.

    RURI (talk_read_paper_neutral)
    Dragon and Asher.

    RURI (talk_read_paper_neutral)
    Tyler and Audenzia.

    RURI (talk_read_paper_neutral)
    Brie and Skye.

    RURI (talk_read_paper_neutral)
    And that leaves Aideen with Falcon.

@remove Sheet Paper White from RURI
RURI (talk_armscrossed_condescending_loop)
You have two weeks to finish the research paper with your assigned partner.
Don’t even ask for an extension because I’ll say no.
Each parnter should do half of their work.

Change it to audience_boo with an underscore

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Thank you :grin: :blob_hearts:

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